Boot Camp?

It has been a long while since I’ve last posted but a lot has been going on for myself and my family.  I have a new nephew who has a wonky heart but things seem to be going much better for him and I should be getting to meet him soon!

Here is something I never, ever thought I would say; I’ve joined a BOOT CAMP!  It’s not actually a true boot camp with all the yelling and making you miserable, it’s more about getting you active and teaching you that exercise can be fun.  The classes only last about 30-45 minutes depending on what we’re doing that day and they involve keeping your heart rate up.  I needed this class.  I could go to the gym by myself and do all of these exercises alone but I wouldn’t do it in the right amount of time to actually have it count.  I would do a regular 30 minute exercise in an hour just because I don’t have someone there timing me.  I would highly recommend Edge Body Boot Camp Omaha and Missy Henry, the trainer.

Today’s workout was a “Challenge Workout” that involved 2 minutes of Push-ups, 2 minutes of Lunges, 2 minutes of Ring Rows (basically pulling your self up using gymnast rings) and 2 minutes of planking.  I wrote everything down that I was able to do in the 2 minutes allowed and I did pretty well for only having attended 10ish classes.  I did 40 ring rows, 40 lunges, 31 push-ups (huge surprise) and then I was able to do a 34 sec. normal plank before I moved into a modified plank.  When we first started, I was only able to do a 10-15 sec. normal plank so I was ecstatic about that!  I have no upper body strength so being able to do 31 push-ups is huge for me as well.  After we had a few minutes to rest we went into a challenge called ‘Death by Box Jump’ which is exactly what it sounds like.  I didn’t use an actual box because I’m not that coordinated yet but I was able to use 2 weight plates as my jump platform.  When we started, we had 30 seconds to do 1 jump and then rest the remainder of the time.  Once that 30 sec. was over, we had 30 sec. do to 2 jumps and so on until we just couldn’t do anymore.  I am proud to say that I was able to do 10 jumps in 30 sec. before I had to switch to step-ups the rest of the way.  We all ended up stopping after 13 jumps/step-ups.  I can’t wait until the next challenge day so I can report back to you all with even higher numbers!  I don’t want to set any number goals just yet because I don’t want to feel defeated when/if I can’t meet that number but I do plan on being able to do more next time.

I do have to confess to everyone that I haven’t been eating the healthiest so I haven’t lost any weight just yet.  I am still the same weight that I was when I started but I am changing that right now.  I will be making healthier choices on a daily basis and Joe is being very supportive of this.  He keeps telling me that as long as I’m happy, he’ll support whatever I do so that helps a lot.  I also hope that the next time I update the blog, I’ve lost some weight to report back to you guys!

Thanks for reading!


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