I am incredibly overwhelmed with the amount of support I have been given these last few weeks.  I knew that I needed to make this public and have other people hold me accountable but I never thought I would see the level of support and help that I have already.  I have a group of girls who are willing to work out with me every Monday night and a great friend in Denver who is keeping me honest by doing daily check-ins of our diet and exercise.

My Monday night workouts are not just a workout night, they are going to help me stay in contact with people who I don’t get to see very often.  It will also give us all an opportunity to gossip without our husbands/boyfriends/children getting in the way!  I decided that having them come to my apartment at a certain time will force me to actually work out and utilize my apartment gym.  Once I’ve gotten the hang of that, I will be using the other gym (the one I pay for) during the week as well.

My daily check-ins with Emmy are not only a way to keep us honest and have to report to someone who we trust, but it’s going to be amazing to actually be able to talk to her everyday!  I miss her more than I thought I would when she moved away and no matter what the topic is, I get excited to talk to her!

The other fantastic supporter that I have in my life is Joe.  He is willing to eat whatever I make for dinner.  He even said that in front of witnesses so he can’t deny it!  He knows that a huge part of my weight gain over the last 5 years has been because all we do is go out to dinner and eat unhealthy foods.  He knows that I am trying to add more and more fresh foods into my life so he’s willing to try new things.  I can’t even begin to thank him enough for that kind of support!  I can’t even begin to thank EVERYONE for their support!  I knew that I could do this by myself but knowing that I don’t have to is the best feeling in the world.  Thank you all for everything you are doing to help me out. 🙂

I want to leave you with an update on the Vitamin D situation.  I was taking the vitamin every day for a week without the knowledge that I also needed to up my fiber intake.  This lack of information lead to me leaving work early one day because of the amount of pain I was in.  I spent that night and the next day laying on the couch/bed/floor in what can only be described as the worst pain I’ve ever been in.  Joe went out and bought me fiber this and fiber that to try and help things move along and about 40 hours after the first wave of pain, things finally happened for me!  I am now eating more fiber than my body has room for so I never have to experience that again!

Once again, thank you all for your support and actually taking the time to read this.  You are all helping me out!


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